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Forum Announcements / The Rules and Helpful Information
« Last post by Shadav about April 11, 2021, 11:31:09 PM »
A Placeholder for The Rules, whenever I get around to adding them
Rules will be updated as we see fit to help keep the community in order

Posts must be in English, if the need arises we can add language specific boards

No porn (I shouldn't have to say that, but.....)

Be kind/respectful

No hate speech nor harassment

No spam

No promotions/advertisements
Affiliate/Referral links are allowed, within reason, this is not an advertising forum

Some words are censored (if you feel that it shouldn't be, or that a word should be...feel free to let me know) [sometimes the censor is stupid, so feel free to let me know so I can try and fix it]
Test Board / Re: Testing simple audio video embed
« Last post by Shadav about March 30, 2021, 05:27:49 PM »
ok so it is working correctly now....which means my theory is correct....
the descriptive links mod and the simple audio video embed mod do not play nicely together....

so for now I'll hold off on the descriptive links mod and see how things go if it still works then I know 100% sure where the issue is and hopefully can fix it later
Test Board / Testing simple audio video embed
« Last post by Shadav about March 30, 2021, 05:26:13 PM »
testing because I know there's an issue on another site I run
where if there is a url in the post and you embed a video it messes up the post

so test test
bla bla bla
um url

and a video
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